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1 min readJan 9, 2024


ESI was applicable for factories that employed ten or more persons. Subsequently, the coverage of ESI scheme has been expanded. any establishment employing ten or more persons drawing wages of upto Rs.21,000 per month must obtain ESI registration.

Number Of Employees Required For ESI Registration
To determine the coverage of a factory or an establishment under ESI, the following categories of persons are to be counted in addition to the persons directly employed:

Persons on the roll of a factory, who are on leave with or without wages.
A substitute or badli worker employed for wages.
Directors who are on the pay roll of a company.
Persons drawing over Rs.21000 per month as wages, but not coverable otherwise.
Persons employed by, or through a contractor and working under the direct supervision of the employer.
Benefits Of ESI Registration For Employee
Medical Benefit
Sickness Benefit
Maternity Benefit
Disablement Benefit
Dependant Benefit
Funeral Expenses
Unemployment Allowance