In contrast to CMA Data, a project report contains not only financial analysis but also the following

Company History and Promotor Background
Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses
Need for Loan Funds and how Method of Optimum Utilization
Current Operations and Market Positioning
Opportunities and Expansion Plan of the Company
Project Report
Project Report comprises of: Details of Business, KYC Details of Proprietor / Directors / Partners, Introduction to Business Idea, Business Scenario in World, India, State Level and Local Level, Brief detail about the Company / Firm / Entity, Brief detail about Proprietor / Directors / Partners, Product Profile, Raw Material Management, Manufacturing / Operating Process, Waste Management, Power Supply Management and Water Supply Facilities, Human Resources Management, Credit Polices, Marketing Strategy, Future Plans, SWOT Analysis, Credit Monitoring Assessment (CMA), Financial Ratio Analysis

CMA Data means Credit Monitoring Assessment Data. CMA data is must for each and every Business loan which includes Term Loan, Cash Credit, Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit and Agricultural Loans, etc. for Feasibility Analysis and Credit Rating Analysis of the proposal.



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